New Season Updates And Features

As all of you know guys on 16th August 2016 Madden NFL Mobile 17 got an update and now its a new season, So lets get started with this all new season and lets see what EA has bring up with this new game update. Below we are covering some of the coolest and newest features got added in madden nfl mobile 17.

Features : –

  • Add items Button (Auto Fill Players)

Add items button in madden mobile 17


This autofill button was most requested by gamers and finally its implemented in madden mobile 17, Now you can just autofill all the players which you were previously filling up manually. This will surely save some of your time while playing the game and now you can concentrate more on game.


  • Scramble Button

scramble button

Scramble and Unscramble button can be used while you are playing the game, You can optimize the players speed using this button and chuck the opponents very easily, Its one of the many game-play featuresВ  that got added recently in the game. You can use this as much as you can in season but if you are playing head to head match then you have an option to use it only limited times which is very good actually.


  • Coins Boost

coins boost madden mobile 17

So Basically if you want to get more coins while playing the game then you can use this feature, Like for example if you are spending now 15000 coins then for every single time you would earn 10% coin in season game or whatever game it maybe available for a certain period of time like for 24 hours, But this would not applies to the auction house so keep it in mind.

  • Defensive Gameplans

defensive gameplan madden mobile 17

Defensive gameplan is little bit confusing to people but if you spend some time on it you will totally understand it. So basically what you can do with it is act as a replacement of counters, you can use it to play replacement counter, You can pull these actionable counters in your gameplay. So basically you can plan yourself by using those counters. There are also minigames which are updated in madden mobile 17 which you can play and experience the whole new section.

So this is a short features update regarding madden nfl mobile 17 game, Hope you all like it and we will be sharing more info here once we get all the data by playing it ourselves till then happy maddening !!