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Madden Mobile 17 Game Review – Negative Aspects of The Game Revealed!

When we discuss Madden Mobile 17 Game Review in a detailed manner, most of us would like to focus on positives aspects of the game. Yes, the game has observed many recognizable improvements but still there are some flaws to be addressed quickly. We have specifically created a detailed review which reveals negative aspects of the game. Here we are not sharing out reasons of why you must not play the Madden Mobile 17 game but the review is a general opinion about the pit holes which game designers need to address.

madden mobile 17 game review

Madden Mobile 17 Game – A Perfect Gift For NFL Fans!

Before we get deep into negative sides of the game, it would be worth to justify why the game has been able to win the heart of true NFL fans. The game is surely more realistic and has many exciting visual and sound effects to offer. In the game, highly advanced balls physics has been used in order to make sure, gamers do feel like playing NFL game on the field. Already the game has turned into talking point of discussion for countless gamers worldwide. It is the best ever mobile game to enjoy in your free time which has a lot to offer. Being integrated with current NFL events, it is possible to have top players of NFL in your team. Ratings of the players will vary according to their current performance which is so exciting.

Simply, there is nothing like wasting a moment when it comes to downloading Madden Mobile 17 game and enjoys the tough competitive NFL world.


Lingering Gameplay Concerns- For sure, there are many aspects of the game which have improved immensely with the passage of time but still there are some issues which need to be resolved and prevent Madden Mobile 17 game to be a perfect one.  As we all know, injuries have been an integral part of American Football sports and the mobile game is still not able to address this aspect of the game in right manner.  Offensive lineman still not gets any injuries in the actual gameplay which is simply not acceptable.  Also, injuries cannot occur to the players when they are away from the ball. Quite often than not, in real NFL world, you will find injuries happening to the players on the other side of the field and that too away from the ball. This is still a long overdue component which must add to the Madden Mobile 17 injury system.

Frequency or lack of injuries is another major issue which I have found while playing the game. Till date, I have played more than 7 games and there was only one injury taking place. I do understand the frequency of injury can be turned up and down but still the default settings should be placed in a manner that the mobile game looks more realistic.

Another major issue in the game is related to clock stoppages. When you play the game, running of bounds still doesn’t result in stopping of the game clock. On many occasion, I was forced to use a timeout even when I intentionally ran out of the bounds. It is extremely difficult indeed to find out the exact reasons which would result in stopping the clock. Ideally, gamers are required to carry out a bit of searching at their own level and find out deep information about clock stopping.

Unacceptable Halftime Show – When you go through the game carefully, you will find out a play to play a show is excellent but halftime show is below the par and not worth your time. it is the Larry Ridley who is handling the segment again but the highlights which are displayed are not connected with his audio. On many occasions, there are even some plays which do get completed without description.  Sometimes it is pretty frustrating indeed when people do compare other mobile games like with the most advanced version of Madden Mobile. Here I would like to clear out, NFL 2K5 s not even close to Madden Mobile 17 in terms of offering amazing entertainment to the gamers.

Lacking Points Between Connected Franchise and Customization – In the game, gamers are allowed to edit all aspects of the players but within their connected Franchise. No edition is allowed outside of the mode. It sounds little confusing to me but when you go through roster makers all your doubts would be erased.  If as a gamer, you are still interested in creating and sharing out roster within the community, you are allowed to do that. Within CF, you are simply allowed to make any modifications in the name, dimensions, faces and more aspects of the game but outside the mode, you are only allowed to change names, attributes, and equipment. Without any doubt, it sounds like an extremely niche-based critique but still when you go through other franchise modes offered in the genre are offering, you will easily find Madden Mobile 17 lacking far behind.

The depth charts used in the game are still influx and gamers still not find any logic behind offensive starters playing the first series. Gamers who wants to have extra advantage over money can also try out madden mobile hack which can gain them instant credits in the game.

Conclusive Words

Negative aspects revealed in our Madden Mobile 17 Game Review are worth to consider if you love following NFL sports and would like to enjoy perfect mobile game based on extremely popular American football. Definitely, we can still enjoy the game as there are countless positives aspects to enjoy. Designers of Madden Mobile 17 have done a commendable job and there are some minor flaws need to be addressed in near future. According to game developers, more updates of the game would be launched in future which will eradicate all the bugs. Madden Mobile 17 game has the potential to take our NFL mobile gaming experience to another level. It would be a complete waste of time if we opt for any other NFL mobile game apart from Madden Mobile 17.